State Use Program Services and Commodities

WVARF is a non-profit organization that handles service and commodity contracts for non-profit Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs) that participate in the State Use Program.

State Services

West Virginia’s State Use Program was created by the legislature in 1984 and strengthened in 1989.  The program allows employment opportunities to be created for citizens with disabilities through nonprofit Community Rehabilitation Programs.  The State Use Law allows these programs and their clients to produce commodities and perform services for various state agencies without requiring competitive bidding.  Prices charged for these special commodities and services are established by the governor-appointed Committee for the Purchase of Commodities and Services from the Handicapped.

All West Virginians benefit when our citizens with disabilities are able to have a better quality of life through meaningful employment opportunities.  The need for these citizens to consume costly social services is drastically reduced by pairing rehabilitation and business opportunities.

These services include vocational evaluation, training, extended employment, job placement, supported employment and follow up consultation. The primary goal of WVARF and its participating CRPs is to enhance vocational opportunities and provide a stronger quality of life for individuals with disabilities within the state.

Statewide Contract for Janitorial Services

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Statewide Contract Temporary Employment

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Statewide contract for Mandatory Commodities

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Below are the services provided through the State Use Program:


Several temporary employment positions can provide support at your organization: Accounting Technician, Administrative Services Assistant, Executive Secretary, Office Assistant, Word Processor, Data Entry Operator, Custodian, Laborer, Cook, Parking Attendant, Groundskeeper, Mail Runner, Health Service Worker, and Painter. Temporary support staff are experienced and trained to make efficient use of their time working at agencies.

Skilled and efficient janitorial staff provide quality janitorial services throughout the state. Services include sweeping, dust/wet mopping, vacuuming, emptying waste baskets, cleaning & disinfecting, and restroom detail cleaning. Custodial staff are trained to utilize high cleanliness standards when servicing clients.

Scanning and indexing microfilm and microfiche into digital medium. Records can be picked up from your location, processed and returned to you on DVD, external hard drive, USB flash drive or via secure ftp.

Data imaging services prepare regular-sized or large format paper records into digital medium. Records can be picked up from your location, processed and returned to you on DVD, external hard drive, USB flash drive or via secure ftp. Data imaging services also include data warehousing, indexing and off-site storage.

Data management includes higher-trained workers who can function as a Customer Service Representative, as well as services per keystroke, form sorting, batch work, report editing, copying, and preparing documents for mailing, filing, etc.

Grounds maintenance staff provide upkeep of facilities’ yardwork and landscaping maintenance. Services include mowing, weed eating, mulching, grounds clean up, leaf clean up and spraying. Agreements usually allow for bi-weekly site visits, with more visits allowed on an as-needed basis.

Pre-sorting services aid agencies who process large volumes of mail. Services include pre-sort, flat sort, hand sort, copying in black/white or color, print labels, perforate, roll posters into tubes and mark our information.

Commercial laundry services include laundry rental, replacement, washing, and delivery. Floor mat rental is also included in commercial laundry services.

Secure document destruction includes the collection and shredding of paper and non-paper materials. Staff is trained in keeping documents secure throughout the transit and destruction process.

Low impact monitoring includes planning routes and dispatching services for trucks with over-sized loads.

Secure documents can be transported by courier, either for storage or shredding.

Over the past year, West Virginia residents have increased use of outdoor public lands. Stream access personnel ensure safe entry to public streams, boating ramps, and fishing piers.

Trained support staff answer and field customer service calls for organizations like WV CHIP.

Available State Use Commodities


Bottled Water

Liquid Soap

Survey Stakes

Liquid Absorbency Kits

Industrial Wipes

Laboratory Aprons

Drop Clothes

Hospital Clothing