Individuals with Disabilities



Community Rehabilitation Programs create a wonderful opportunity for individuals with disabilities to receive work-related training in various types of employment.  CRP facilities and employees are located throughout the state providing a wide range of services and commodities to state government agencies, such as the Department of Transportation, Department of Administration and Division of Natural Resources, just to name a few.

WVARF and the CRPs realize the unique challenges felt by not only a disabled individual but also their families, loved ones and caretakers.  In an effort to improve the quality of life for all those involved, CRPs address the various needs of an individual and utilize their non-profit resources to provide a holistic approach for success and development.  WVARF encourages families and caretakers to explore the wide variety of services and programs offered through the State Use Program.  To get started, visit the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services home page at

To locate a Community Rehabilitation Program near you, see our full list of non-profits that participate in the State Use Program on our Organizations page.

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