Temporary Employment Services

1176915785_0576State spending units and local and state political subdivisions are required by WV Code 5A-3-10 to employ temporary employees from the West Virginia Association of Rehabilitation Facilities and participating Community Rehabilitation Programs whenever temporary employment services are available through the State Use Program.  These services must meet certain quality and price standards comparable to open market sources, according to the state code.

The Temporary Employment Services Program of State Use is designed to alleviate state spending units from the costs inherent to managing labor, unemployment, worker’s compensation and accounting.

State spending units can utilize this program with all costs defined upfront and no extraneous or latent labor expenses to consider during the course of temporary job assignments.

The Temporary Employment Services Program is statewide and allows individuals with disabilities to become wage-earners and taxpayers.  The wages earned and taxes paid by individuals with disabilities significantly reduces the need to use costly state assistance programs and entitlement benefits.  This also contributes to the state’s general revenue and to local economies.

If your agency is seeking temporary staffing needs to augment office production, streamline payroll/personnel expenses, or pre-screen for permanent positions, WVARF can successfully address your staffing needs and provide skilled and qualified temporary employees from Community Rehabilitation Programs.

For additional information on how your agency can utilize the Temporary Employment Services Program, please contact WVARF at (304) 205-7970.

WVARF and its employment programs throughout the state can provide you workers to help during your seasonal peaks, special projects, and to fill in where a permanent vacancy exists. In addition to employing individuals with disabilities, this service serves two other purposes:

1) Allows you to get help you need quickly with the completion of one form
2) Allows you to fully evaluate a potential candidate when a permanent vacancy exist prior to making a hiring commitment

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