Secure Document Destruction

Document-Security1State agencies utilizing the State Use Program’s digital conversion and handling services may also opt to have old paper documents destroyed in a controlled manner known as Secure Document Destruction.  Paper shreds can be physically destroyed and recycled according to client specifications or legal requirements.

The process begins with a needs assessment, and proper container sizes and locations are then determined for the customer at no charge.  The containers are serviced monthly, weekly or bi-weekly by professionals, and all documents are kept under lock and human guard with bar code tracking during servicing.  After arriving at a secure shredding facility, the documents are co-mingled prior to being finely shredded and baled so reconstruction is not possible.  The bales are then submitted for pulverizing and recycling, and a Certificate of Destruction is issued.

Click on the State Contract Master Agreement link at the bottom of this page for a full description of secure document destruction operations.

Specialized Community Rehabilitation Program & Current Pricing

doc destruct**Minimum service charge waived for container service customers.  This charge is required for an entity that has a separate Service Request Form, Payment Method and Certificate of Destruction; pertaining to each physical address of a Spending Unit.

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