Commercial Laundry

laundry1Linens, mats, uniforms, aprons, mops and towels; they all need cleaned from time to time, and WVARF can provide a Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP) to handle a commercial-sized laundry request.

The Lillian James Learning Center is a United Way Agency and participating State Use CRP located in Crab Orchard, WV.  Employees at the center assist in the delivery of laundry to state hospitals, casinos and assisted living facilities.

All the linens and mats for these facilities are processed by the skilled men and women of the Hancock County Sheltered Workshop, which also handles some federal work contracts and smaller individual contracts.

Laundry Delivery Costs

laundry delivery*Not To Exceed delivery costs individually calculated. Please contact Hancock County Sheltered Workshop, Inc. for pricing or send inquiries to WVARF.

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