The West Virginia Association of Rehabilitation Facilities, Inc. has two distinct missions:

Rehabilitation Programs

WVARF is a non-profit organization that handles service and commodity contracts for non-profit Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs) that participate in the State Use Program.  These CRPs from all across the state provide employment and other services to persons with various disabilities.

These services include vocational evaluation, training, extended employment, job placement, supported employment and follow up consultation.  The primary goal of WVARF and its participating CRPs is to enhance vocational opportunities and provide a stronger quality of life for individuals with disabilities within the state.

Manage the State Use Program

West Virginia’s State Use Program was created by legislature in 1984.  This legislation streamlines state agencies’ ability to contract goods and services at a fair market price, and WVARF serves as the Central Non-Profit under the State Use Program whose participating Community Rehabilitation Programs provide these goods and services.  The spirit of the State Use legislation is to create economic independence and self-reliance of West Virginians with disabilities while providing necessary goods and services to state government agencies that would otherwise require procurement from private companies.

National studies have shown that the utilization of State Use Programs generates an overall annual savings for state and federal governments of roughly 72 million dollars.

Reference:  State Use Programs Association (SUPRA)  2012 Economic Benefits Study

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